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Warm Leads with LinkedIn

A warm lead to us is a prospect that has been interacted with on multiple occasions and is not delivered to our clients until they have responded to an outbound message.



Sales Consulting

Booking meetings and closing sales on LinkedIn can be a royal headache if you don't know what you're doing. That's where our team comes in. We can assist you in creating all of the sales assets required to kill it on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Coaching

If you're not used to closing deals using LinkedIn you won't be aware of the details that matter, like how to create a quality LinkedIn profile. A high quality LinkedIn profile is how you give your first impressions on LinkedIn and we help you make it count.

Warm Lead Generation

What makes our leads special? It all starts with creating the highest quality lead lists that are tailored to our clients ideal customer persona. From there, we interact with each lead multiple times before sending them a connection request on LinkedIn. Once they have accepted the connection request we send them a series of messages on behalf of our client. Then we deliver the leads who have responded to one of our outbound messages, showing interest in our clients products or services. 


Your Sales Reps Will Thank You

Anyone who has been in sales long enough knows that keeping the morale of your Sales Representatives is essential to performing at a consistently high level. However, bad leads are destroyers of morale amongst even the best and most seasoned Sales Representatives out there. So give us a shot, your Sales team will thank you.




It is no secret that the large majority of lead generation companies promise to fix your business and give you all the revenue in the world but they never end up delivering. Lead generation companies are an absolute dumpster fire. So we decided to fix that.


We have set out to change the way lead generation companies do business by fully evaluating our clients business to make sure you have the necessary ground work to benefit from our services. From there we only deliver the highest quality of warm leads that are actively looking to get more information from you.


It all started with two guys in a coffee shop and now Smith Limited Agency is one of the leading Sales companies in the Birmingham area, known for its innovative approach, personal touch, and commitment to excellence. 

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